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COBRA Earl of Huntington Sword
COBRA Earl of Huntington Sword

COBRA Earl of Huntington Sword

COBRA Earl of Huntington Sword

COBRA Earl of Huntington Sword


COBRA Earl of Huntington Sword

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The Downfall of Robert Earl of Huntington and The Death of Robert Earl of Huntington are two closely related Elizabethan-era stage plays on the Robin Hood legend, that were written by Anthony Munday (possibly with help from Henry Chettle) in 1598 and published in 1601. They are among the relatively few surviving examples of the popular drama acted by the Admiral's Men during the Shakespearean era.

Scholars and critics have studied the plays for their place in the evolution of the Robin Hood legend. Munday has been credited as the first person to identify Robin Hood with the Earl of Huntingdon.

Historically, the Earl of Huntingdon is a title held by the Scottish rulers of Huntingdonshire, but in folklore, this title belonged to the legendary Robin Hood. You can honor this noble position with the Earl of Huntingdon Sword. This decorative sword is crafted from stainless steel, and its blade has been given a mirror finish, adding to its appeal. Its wheel pommel features an open-cross pattern that has become associated with Robin of Locksley. At the center of this cross is an emerald-colored jewel, and encircling the open cross is an inscription reading EARL OF HUNTINGTON. The center of its crossguard is embossed with the Cross of Richard the Lionheart, leader of the Crusades, and the quillons depict scenes of the hunt. The Earl of Huntingdon Sword makes a fantastic decorative blade for any lover of the legends of Robin Hood.

Blade 89cm - Stainless Steel
Handle 22cm - Metal and Leather
Overall 111cm
With Wooden Plaque

Please note that "SWORDS" are a prohibited weapon in the state of Victoria.  Therefore any sale to be shipped or collected from an address within the state of Victoria will require evidence that the purchaser hold a current exemption from the "Control of Weapons Act" for swords or is an exempt class of person with respect to the Act.

Price: $199.00
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