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EK ARCHERY Jaguar 175Lb Spring Camo Crossbow Package
EK ARCHERY Jaguar 175Lb Spring Camo Crossbow Package


EK ARCHERY Jaguar 175Lb Spring Camo Crossbow Package

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Arm yourself with this recurve crossbow (without pulleys) Jaguar 1 with 175 lbs of power! Simple and effective, it is perfect for target shooting sessions. In this Deluxe version, you have a Red Dot sight, adjustable rifle scope and a quiver. Everything you need for thrills!

This Jaguar 1 camouflage Deluxe crossbow of 175 lbs recurve (without pulleys) is a simple, efficient and easy to maintain model. This Spring camo Deluxe version has a Red-Dot sight, an adjustable rifle scope, a quiver and a strap. This crossbow is delivered with 16 inches (0.35 inch) red aluminium bolts.

The bow of this JAG 1 crossbow is made of fibreglass and the body is made of metal. Its stock and handle are made of plastic, which makes it very light. The original bolts of this crossbow can reach a speed of 219 fps, which is suitable for target shooting.

The Jaguar 1 Deluxe automatically engages the safety when the rope is cocked, the safety catch is ambidextrous and this crossbow is suitable for both left- and right-handers. It is equipped with a stirrup for easy cocking..

Its 2 cm Picatinny rail will allow you to install a scope, a Red-Dot is delivered with this crossbow in addition to an adjustable rifle scope. The rail has a height adjustment knob, by simply turning it, you can change the aiming range of your Jaguar 1 crossbow without disturbing the sight. For example, you can set your sight for a shot at 20 m with the knob on notch 1, so when you need to aim at 30 m, simply turn the knob to notch 2 to adjust your sight..
  • Power: 175 lbs
  • Speed of the bolts: 249 kmph or 220 fps
  • Length: 90 cm
  • Width: 68 cm
  • Power stroke (pushing distance by the string): 24,9 cm
  • Weight: 2,9 kg (with quiver and Red-Dot)
  • Colour: camouflage (also available in black colour)
  • Brand: Ek ARCHERY research
  • 21 cmx2 cm Picatinny rail
  • Fiberglass bow
  • Aluminium body
  • Plastic stock and handle for lighter weight

Package content:

1 x Red-Dot colimator
1 x Adjustable upward viewfinder
1 x Quiver with 3 bolts
1 x String
3 x 41 cm (0,9 cm) red aluminum bolts
1 x Band for cocking
1 x Tube of lubricant for the string
1 x Pair of safety glasses
Price: $349.00
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