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12" Round Frypan With Wooden Handle
12" Round Frypan With Wooden Handle

12" Round Frypan With Wooden Handle

12" Round Frypan With Wooden Handle


12" Round Frypan With Wooden Handle

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12 inch / 29cm Cast iron skillet with wooden handle, which is removable if you want to reduce size for transport or storage.

Cast iron cookware is extremely hard wearing and robust with exceptional heat retention properties.  It is suitable on any kind of heat source, from your stove to an open camp fire.  They retain heat well and as such are excellent for braising, broiling, poaching, slow cooking, stewing or grilling.  Its ability to heat evenly means that it browns meat well and vegetables cook faster with out the need to manage heat distribution in the cookware.

before using cast iron cookware for the first time it is important to season the cast iron first with oil.  just about any oil or fats can be used, however vegetable or canola oils are good due to having a high smoke point and being readily available and cost affective.
  • scrub down the cast iron with hot soapy water.
  • allow to dry throughly.
  • spread a thin layer of your chosen oil over the cooking surface of the cookware.
  • place upside down on the middle rack in the oven on a high heat, with foil placed below to catch any drips.
  • bake for an hour and let cool in the over .
  • Avoid using soap or detergent when cleaning your cast iron, this may strip the seasoning you have applied.  With extended use the layer of seasoning will build up and you should be able to clean the cast iron buy just wiping it down with water and a paper towel.  Stubborn food may be loosened by boiling water in the cookware.  avoided using steel wool or other abrasive cleaning utensils.
  • re season the cookware as needed.
  • 12in/ 29cm

Price: $39.95
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