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WILDERNESS WEAR Light Merino Long Sleeve Thermal Top
WILDERNESS WEAR Light Merino Long Sleeve Thermal Top


WILDERNESS WEAR Light Merino Long Sleeve Thermal Top

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  • The Merino fibres pull the moisture away from your body thus keeping you dry & comfortable. 
  • The Merino's natural crimp helps trap small pockets of air, which provide excellent insulation,while the garment remains light and flexible. 
  • NO ITCH!!!!! 
  • Wilderness Wear light wool garments offer prickle free comfort due to the Merino wool's low micron count.

Wilderness Wear has a 20-year history of using wool in our sock manufacturing. Over recent years we have researched, tested and developed our woollen thermal underwear range as well. The Pure Australian Merino wool we use has many advantages over synthetic fabrics with wool being a true, natural, miracle fibre.

The Merino sheep from which we source our wool are bred and nurtured in the Western District of Victoria and the cooler regions of Tasmania. This wool comes from sheep of special breeding and selection. Extremely thin fibres with low micron counts and long staple fibre lengths are used to ensure unsurpassed comfort when used as a next to skin layer.

  • IT'S FIRE RESISTANT ! (Of particular relevance to fire services garments.) 
  • Merino wool causes no itch due to its very low micron (18.5) count. 
  • Merino wool has natural, breathable fibres that pull moisture away from your body which helps keep you dry and comfortable. 
  • Merino wool will keep you warm when it’s wet. Although wool is naturally hydrophobic and repels water, it is capable of holding 30% of its own mass in vapour. This is due to hydrogen/oxygen attractions that keep the water stored inside fibres still, allowing air to be present between fibres. The water absorbed inside the complex wool fibre is affected by your body heat and the Merino fibre actively works to release the moisture to the external environment. This procedure is increased by your body warmth. 
  • Merino wool has the ability to cool you off when you sweat. 
  • Merino wool is extremely durable. You can stretch and bend the fibres without damage. Non-pilling is the result. 
  • Merino wool is highly UV resistant with a natural sun protection factor of UPF50+. 
  • Merino wool has natural anti-microbial properties, which means you won’t smell as bad as you would in synthetic underwear. When you wash Merino wool, it dries quite quickly. 
  • Merino wool is biodegradable and comes from a renewable source.

Please note: as these are military surplus there may be some colour, quality and style variation to the image shown.

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